Hello Wanaka Time Bankers!

Please note, you can only see the offers and requests available if you are a logged in, registered member.

Getting Started with our TimeBank:

Ongoing Use of the TimeBank:

  • Don't hesitate to respond to an offer or request. This is exactly how new sharing and relationships are built which strengthen our community.
  • Please respond in a timely manner to calls or emails you receive from your neighbours about the requests of offers you've posted.
  • After communicating with a member and determining a service exchange is appropriate, make specific arrangements how to coordinate the exchange.
  • Fulfill the exchange and save a record of it in your hours account.
  • Come back and review offers and requests from other members

Do this again and again to help keep our community alive and flourishing.


"Wanaka Time Bank facilitates sharing of our resources, skills and services to create abundance within our community for all."



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